He had all kinds of movement and action on his fastball

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If that wasn enough, another newfangled benefit of this novel

I am stopped at 4.41 stable and 4.51 unstable but still boots into windows and runs CPU speed pro.Temps still havent gone over 76C.When i run an intel burn test at 1.415v and 4.3Ghz i get temps up to 76.I have read around a bit, especially on humanage’s thread and noticed that it may be air build ups in my rad or some other issue, i have move my case around a bit in order to get rid of air, but i still cannot seem to find the issue. I also read that it may be my mounting of the block to the CPU.What is the most likely issue, or rather what issues may be causing this?I think that ultimately his issue was that he was pushing that CPU into the limits where upping his voltages to achieve those clock speeds and ultimately led to the higher temps. I think he has seen some better temps with the addition of another radiator, but remember that the temps you see when on your CPU temp monitoring aren’t what temps your water in your loop is running at unless you have a sustained load on the CPU and the temps remain consistently pegged until the water is heat saturated.

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